Home Renovations Hills District

Home Renovations Hills District

There’s no question about it—home renovations require substantial investment. Depending on the extent or scale of your home renovation project, it can also be complicated and time-consuming. It’s not a project for the faint-hearted. So, why bother, then?

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Benefits of home renovation

When done with sufficient planning and clear goals in mind, a home renovation offers several benefits to discerning homeowners. These include:

1. Improving home efficiency

It can be something as simple as installing new heat pumps or getting your windows replaced, as well as topping up your home insulation overall. You can also have your dated incandescent lights replaced with LED lighting fixtures, or get solar heat collectors installed on the roof. All of these modifications can significantly minimise your monthly energy expenses. And even with a substantial initial outlay, all of these features get to pay for themselves in the long run, and more.

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2. Addressing safety concerns

Perhaps you’ve noticed the worsening roof leak that’s been going on for months. Or you’ve observed a mould issue developing in your home. These and other items such as electrical problems or cracks in the wall can grow worse the more you ignore them. Later on, they can cost you more if they are not attended to now. To address these, a home renovation may be in order so that soon, home safety is restored.

3. Making your home more comfortable

Your home is your haven, your safe space. This is why it needs to be a place you enjoy and find comfort in. Perhaps you’ve put off making significant improvements to your home for some time. But now that you have a budget set aside, why not start today? Go ahead and make your kitchen bigger since it’s the place you best enjoy; or get that spa-like bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever your reason, know that your comfort and joy should be top of mind in any home renovation programme.

4. Increasing property value

Some homeowners who plan on reselling their homes in the future undertake renovation work to enhance property value. Adopting smart home features, improving the kitchen, bathroom and living room as well as your curb can all help your property appreciate in terms of value.

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5. Improving home functionality

Perhaps there was just the two of you when you first bought your home. But now, two kids later, you may need more storage space, a study or library, or more bathrooms. Maybe you’ve developed a love for koi ponds and now want a veranda or patio leading directly to your pond and garden. Whatever the reason, your home renovation project should enhance how your home functions to satisfy your wants and needs.

Partner up with Jervo Renovations Hills District

Whatever vision you may have for your home in the Hills District, Jervo Renovations is here to help. We provide the following types of home renovation services:

• Standard Home Renovation (Kitchen and Bathroom): Whether it’s a few minor upgrades you want, or if you are looking to completely change up your kitchen and bathroom – the Jervo Renovations standard home renovation package is the ideal choice for you!
• Luxury Home Renovation (Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Laundry): Jervo Renovations’s premium home renovation service allows you to renovate your most frequently used spaces in the home. If you’re looking to renovate multiple bathrooms and your kitchen – or want to renovate your entire home, our team will make the process a breeze.
• Deluxe Home Renovation: Jervo Renovations can help you transform your entire home with our deluxe package. This is the ultimate renovation package that’s guaranteed to breathe life into your home without the need to rebuild.
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